Monday, March 14, 2011

Hello Readers

I apologize for being unable to write for the past week or so. I'm amid a barrage of exams, and as my mother never ceases to remind me, school comes first. In lieu of that, I'd ask you to donate to the victims of the earthquake and resulting tsunami in Japan. This is an issue that directly relates to many in baseball, both in the States and in Japan itself, and in honor of MLB's efforts to support the recovery work being done by the Red Cross and others, please give what you can to help those who have been affected by the quake.

Click here to go to the Red Cross' Japan donation page.

I look forward to making my predictions for the upcoming season in the very near future, though I will try to wait for some of the professional analysts so I'll have something to compare myself when we see the season played out on the field.

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