Monday, February 27, 2012

Call to the Pen: Zimmerman Extension Gives Nationals Stability, Value

Ryan Zimmerman's new deal cements him as the leader of a young and exciting Nationals' squad. Already the longest-tenured active National, Zimmerman is now under team control until at least 2019. I expect him to add value on the field as long as he can stay healthy, but the Nationals will also be looking for Zimmerman to provide veteran leadership and mentor promising prospects like Bryce Harper, and eventually Anthony Rendon. Check out my full analysis at Call to the Pen.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Call to the Pen: On Farm System Rankings And Philosophical Differences

Earlier this week, ESPN's Keith Law put out his 2012 Farm System Rankings, rating the Padres' system as the best in baseball. This ranking illustrates a clear philosophical difference in the way he and I evaluate future talent. Learn what that difference is and how I'd rate the Padres and the league's other top systems at Call to the Pen.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Call to the Pen: Why Pineda (Probably) Isn't the Answer for the Yankees

Many people seem to think Michael Pineda and Jesus Montero are saviors for their respective new rotation and lineup. I think expectations need to be tempered, especially in Pineda's case, for a variety of reasons. He'll have a tough time succeeding in New York, but he has the talent to do so. It'll require him to refine his pitching style, though, and I think people expecting him to repeat his 2011 performance immediately are  likely to be disappointed. Find out why at Call to the Pen.