Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Plan for the Offseason

Howdy, folks. It’s 102 days until February 13th, the voluntary report date for pitchers, catchers, and injured players. That means we’ve got a long 3 months until baseball action. That doesn’t mean there won’t be serious movement in the baseball world. Free agents will be signed, trades will take place, and each team will attempt to build a potential championship squad, and I’ll be here to talk you through it all (or as much as a college sophomore can possibly cover).

That said, I’m going to be cutting back a bit for the offseason. I’m going to be posting every couple days, rather than daily as I’ve been doing so far. Between the reduced action and my increasingly busy class schedule, it just makes sense to lay off the throttle a tad. 

In addition to looking at the moves that actually happen, I’m going to be doing a series where I’ll look at what moves I think could make sense for teams, where they’ll maximize the value of both the player they’re adding and the players around him. It’ll be interesting to see whether these deals actually happen, but I’m going to base it less around the rumors about where guys will go and more about where they can be most effective.

The best way to keep up with me will be by following my Twitter account, @saberbythebay, but if you just check back to see if I’ve got a new post, that works too. 

I hope you enjoyed a very exciting postseason, including the unexpected twists and turns along the way. I certainly did, and I’m proud to say that I picked the correct winner in every single series (though I’ll admit I didn’t always have the right number of games). 

That said, what’s done is done, and while San Francisco’s parade is just hours from beginning, every front office in baseball has turned its attention to 2011. It’s a whole new season, and a whole new chance for the teams that couldn’t make it happen in 2010.

102 days isn’t that long. Just hang in there, and before you know it, the smell of fresh leather and the sound of bat on ball will be in the air once again.  

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